Camacho Triple Maduro Figurado

Brought to you by renowned cigar craftsman, Christian Eiroa, the Camacho Triple Maduro took nine months of intensive blending to perfect. In fact, Eiroa tried over 84 all-maduro combinations on his quest for the absolute best. And the tireless journey paid off. No other maduro on the market packs the robustly intense and well-balanced flavor profile found this prized Camacho cigar.

Finely curated, harvested and hand rolled in Honduras’ Jamastran Valley, the Camacho Triple Maduro boasts a smooth, even burn and delicious draw from beginning to end. You’ll notice a sharp taste at first – a great bang – but as the Triple Maduro burns, the flavors mellow out and a spicy sweetness becomes more and more apparent.


The world’s first all-Maduro cigar. The infamous black leaf from wrapper to binder to filler. Built with immense patience and an undeniable amount of skill, this cigar is the perfect realization of years’ worth of experimentation.


No other Maduro in existence can deliver the unique impact of Camacho Triple Maduro. Intensity from the start and all the way through, it has all the classic characteristics of a true Maduro… times three.


Others have tried. All have failed. Camacho’s boldest smoke is dark, rich and full-on flavor. Built exclusively for our boldest smokers.