Davidoff Escurio Corona Gorda

Cigar Journal’s #11 Cigar of the Year 2016

Davidoff’s mission is to provide the modern cigar aficionado diverse and innovative cigar experiences. The Rhythm, Intrigue and Originality of a night in Rio influences the spicy and sweet palate stimulation delivered in the Davidoff Escurio. This exceptional blend is handcrafted with Brazilian tobacco, coupled with Davidoff’s signature qualities of refinement and sophistication.

The adventurous nights of a vibrant city pave the way for the new format to complete the multifaceted blend of the Escurio line. The Corona Gorda exhibit an intriguing palate stimulation that is truly unique and unforgettable. Inspire the soul, reward your senses and ignite true passion in taking a journey into new sensations and taste experiences.

The new Corona Gorda cigar intrigues when spice meets sweet as chilli pepper plays with softer, creamy notes. Flavours of oak, liquorice, salt and leather explode and overwhelm the palate. A real journey of twists and turns, where there is never a dull moment for the palate.