Davidoff Master Selection Edition 2008

Available only at Davidoff of Geneva since 1911.

Every year, Master Blender Eladio Diaz has used his experience and knowledge to create a special cigar to celebrate his birthday. These cigars are a representation of his love of cigars and the importance of celebrating such an important moment with a fine cigar.

Davidoff invites you to enjoy a time beautifully filled with a special cigar, sure to be worthy of the most special occasions. Once only enjoyed by Eladio Diaz and close friends, now available in limited quantities. Experience the Master Selection, a collection of anniversary cigars, developed by one of the most demanding palates there is. The Master Selection 2008, Eladio Diaz’s 55th Anniversary cigar.

The 1st third begins with a sweet creamy aroma, with flavor notes of chocolate and hazelnut. Palate stimulation is more focused on spice, bitter and sweet region.

Through the 2nd third Notes of ginger are now present and more noticeable, along with toasted toffee, with hints of dark fruit (currant) and a creamy finish. A very pleasant palate stimulation creating a very clean finish.

The last third Ginger spice continues with a sweet aroma of hazelnut & dark fruit. Palate stimulation continues in the spice and bitter region with light stimulation of salt and sweet.