Tatuaje Havana VI Gorditos

Pete Johnson and José “Pepín” Garcia have created yet another cigar masterpiece! Unlike the full-bodied strength typically associated with the Tatuaje brand, the Havana VI is a bit lighter, making this design pleasurable for beginners and enthusiasts alike. Nevertheless, don’t think for a second that the quality of this medium-bodied premium cigar isn’t aligned with the rest of the renowned Tatuaje name; the Havana VI is hand-rolled in Estelí with Cuban-seed filler tobaccos, and Nicaraguan binders and wrappers that emit a deliciously dark and peppery taste. Due to the careful and unrushed construction of these cigars, the amount available to the public is fairly limited.
And considering that the Tatuaje Havana VI received a 91 rating, it seems that Cigar Snob agrees that this is a cigar to savor.

Tatuaje Havana VI Gorditos are hand-rolled in Estelí, Nicaragua with Cuban-seed filler tobaccos and a silky Ecuador Habano wrapper that is gleaming with oil. A bit mellower than other Tatuaje creations this medium body gem will appeal to newcomers, while having more than enough complexity to sooth the veteran smoker. And, with perfectly balanced notes of earth, dark tobacco sweetness, and a touch of pepper, we think just about everybody is going to love this fine premium cigar.